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O’Brien Homes Land Development Projects


Consulting Arborist services were provided to conduct tree surveys and prepare analysis for site design and tree preservation. Construction monitoring was performed as part of the tree preservation plan.

Services Provided

O’Brien Homes is a residential home developer with communities located in Northern California. During the design phase of projects located in Petaluma, Livermore and Pacifica, Walt Fujii, employed by Ralph Osterling Consultants, Inc., completed tree surveys to inventory and assess existing trees at those sites.

In Petaluma 445 trees were assessed and 426 trees were assessed in Livermore. The Pacifica project required an assessment of an existing stand of mature blue gums and mature cypress adjacent to neighbors’ properties for preservation and maintenance recommendations.

Arborist monitoring and report services during construction and post-construction tree preservation were provided for the Petaluma and Livermore projects. Both projects have been successfully “built out.”

The Petaluma project was of particular interest. As Project Arborist, Walt worked with the landscape architect and the tree moving contractor to relocate 57 specimen size coast live oaks. The boxes ranged in size from 60 inches up to 120 inches. Post-construction monitoring and reporting to the City was conditioned for a period of five years. Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC submitted the final report for the project in March of 2013. [back to top]

Fremont Hospital


Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC was asked to assess trees for their long term suitability on the property. Recommendations for tree protection were also requested.

Services Provided

Proposed landscape renovations would impact certain mature trees on the hospital’s property. Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC (FTC) was retained to assess selected trees for their long term suitability. In addition, FTC prepared a tree protection plan to protect those trees to be preserved. The plan provided tree protection measures for implementation during all phases of construction operations. [back to top]

The Fargo Senior Center

Assignment Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC (FTC) was retained to assess 107 trees as part of the site design process permit process. The Fargo Senior Center is located in the City of San Leandro.
Services Provided

The 107 trees assessed by FTC represented 28 tree species located on the Fargo Senior Center property. Assessed elements included tree measurements, tree health, appearance and suitability for preservation.

Of great concern to the owner was identifying those trees presenting a significant risk of failure. FTC provided recommendations that included both tree maintenance tasks and tree removals to mitigate risks and preserve suitable mature trees. [back to top]

Municipal Services


Completed site plan reviews and project development analysis relative to significant trees and the Heritage Tree Ordinance.

Services Provided

Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC assists the City Arborist with plan checks and recommendations for the preservation and protection of Heritage trees as stipulated in the San Mateo Municipal Code. Plan checks will sometimes involve a visit to the site to verify information when plan sets are submitted for residential and commercial property development. [back to top]

Wooded Residential Property


The construction of a new residence located on the San Francisco mid peninsula included extensive landscape renovations that required the preservation of 18 significant trees. Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC (FTC) was retained to complete a tree assessment report and to provide a tree protection plan for the site.

Services Provided

Trenching plans for utility services were adjusted to avoid encroachment into the critical root zones of the preserved trees. This included a water main from the street to the main house. FTC met with the Contractor to confirm the tree protection measures.

Vertical clearances between the proposed residence, equipment and protected trees were reviewed by the Contractor and FTC to avoid unintentional damage to limbs and branches.

FTC provided recommendations for the location of a septic system was situated to avoid impacting a mature oak while allowing the system to properly function.

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Municipal Tree Risk Assessment

Assignment TRAQ

A mature deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara) in front of a municipal building occasionally lost branches. In less than two years, three large limbs failed on to the sidewalk below. Fortunately no one was in the immediate area at the time of the failures.

Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC was asked to complete a tree risk assessment to determine if the tree should be removed or what measures can be taken to preserve the tree.

Services Provided

This tree risk assessment incorporated practices described in the ANSI A300 (Part 9) Tree Risk Assessment, the ISA Best Management Practices “Tree Risk Assessment” and protocols developed from practical experience and past training. (PNW/ISA TRACE No. 1182 and ISA TRAQ)

Site work involved the following tasks: A shallow root crown examination (RCX) was completed to search for evidence of fungal bodies. A Resistance Recording Drill (RRD) was sparingly employed to determine whether internal torsion cracks developed within the trunk. Lastly, Walt entered the tree to inspect limbs and branches and their respective attachments. Past limb failure sites were inspected to determine the extent of damages.

After careful consideration of the collected tree data, Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC provided options with recommendations and the associated levels of risk to the client. The client can now determine the level of risk they wish to accept.

​The client selected a preservation option that included ​a recommendation for selective branch removal and end weight reduction pruning. The subject tree was photographed after the risk assessment, see photos top and bottom left. After recommended pruning objectives were completed the tree was photographed again, see photos top and bottom right. The exceptional pruning was thoughtfully completed by ​Jose Angel of the municipality’s tree division.

Fujiitrees Consulting, LLC performs tree risk assessments for municipal, commercial and residential accounts. The number of trees assessed for each account varied from one tree to over 20 trees.

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